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Pirate Booty...

by Jenna Gruttadauria May 16, 2012

 We can thank our dear, and dreadfully late (tear) Mr. McQueen for a few very interesting fashion trends, but without a doubt, skulls head the list. He made it acceptable for people, other than pirates (ay, matey!) to rock the amazingly morbid icon on everything, from scarves to shirts and purses and especially jewelry.

We've got our own skulls for you to rock, and I promise you'll look just as cool as Jack Sparrow doing so!

Our Tiny Skull Ring...

And our Tiny Skull Necklace...

Rock them whether it is day of the dead, halloween or any other death inspired holiday, or rock them simple because they are cool and thankfully, not McQueen prices!

Jenna Gruttadauria
Jenna Gruttadauria


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