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Arm Parties are Fun!

by Jenna Gruttadauria April 05, 2012

If we've learned just two things from the sassy and snarky Leandra Medine, it's how to repel men and how to host a party on our arms. They both involve lots of layering (and when I say layering, I mean piling as much onto your body as is humanly possible without tipping over while trying to walk down the street), but it's the latter learned habit that I'll expand upon at the moment. As we know, Ms. Medine is the queen of arm parties. Check said arm party below. 

She layers a bunch of different pieces including a cartier love bangle, as well as skull and turkish eye bracelets. It is my understanding that most of us can't afford to throw the kind of party that  Man Repeller can (not that we wouldn't totally freak out if we could), but The Oxford Trunk can help you host a party that is just as rad, for one hundredth of the price.


Guests in attendance at our arm party are the Delicate Cross, the Skull Candy, the Evil Eye, the Get Stacked, and the Prep School. Even Ascot Friday loves The Oxford Trunk for her arm party. She's rockin' the Delicate Cross bracelet as well. Bottom line, Man Repeller rocks, but The Oxford Trunk rocks just as hard, but for less. 

Jenna Gruttadauria
Jenna Gruttadauria


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