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Mad for Mad Men

by Jenna Gruttadauria April 04, 2012



  With the premiere of it's fifth season, everyone has gone a bit Mad Men crazy, especially in the fashion world. The Emmy award winning show has rocketed the vintage look to the front of all the fashion publications and is even inspiring trends in make up application, such as the "cat eye" and powdery perfect complexions.One huge trend for the spring/summer seasons is the vintage tailored bathing suit.  With their high waist line bottoms (uber-slimming) and retro prints (think: florals and polka dots, even worn together!) this look will have the boys AND the girls staring.

What better way to dress up this already dolled up look than with some pearls. But, let's not make the mistake of falling into the same old, same old, tired look with a simple string of pearls. Make this classic, vintage look pop by giving it a modern twist. Opt for colored pearls instead of white. It's unexpected and contemporary. Keep in mind that pearls most certainly don't need to be dainty. The bigger the better, right Mrs. Draper/Francis? 

The Betty necklace is the perfect piece to achieve this. Do not be scared to wear your jewelry poolside. While I do not recommend taking a dip with your baubles on, they are the perfect accent to a nearly bare bod. Our High Society Gal Ring is another modern piece that pairs perfectly with this retro look.

Jenna Gruttadauria
Jenna Gruttadauria


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