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Grand Opening

by Jenna Gruttadauria February 08, 2012


The Oxford Trunk is the realization of a recurring dream that lives in the head of most women: the desire to look on the forefront of fashion, without exhausting the bank account. Jessica, Jenna and Jennifer breathed life into that dream when they decided to establish The Oxford Trunk. An online boutique specializing in fashion and handmade jewelry, and accessories, that are on point with current trends. What sets us apart is the fact that all pieces on the site are under $50. Who said you can't look like a million bucks on a budget?

Jessica and Jenna perfected this task while living in New York City. Classic young New York women trying to make it in the big city. With astronomical living costs young New Yorkers often ask themselves the  question: "New necklace or groceries?". However, their mutual love of fashion and style brought them together, as they forged the city, looking for pieces that propelled their style, without greatly depleting their funds. New York City offers so many options that are not available on a regular basis to those living outside the 5 boroughs.With this in mind they were inspired to start the business. The goal being: bring the affordability of New York's style to every woman. With their unique senses of style, and hard work ethic The Oxford Trunk seed was planted. 

After a move back to California and a "bundle of joy" for Jessica,  her and Jenna began to build the business. Enter Jennifer. Jennifer is Jessica's sister, who is as equally in lust with fashion as Jess and Jenna. With her help and a keen eye for the trendy and innovative, the trio set out on a buying mission.

Which brings us to the blog that you are so graciously reading right now... The Oxford Trunk wanted to bring something special to the table for its customers. Something that would make us stand out in the midst of the many amazing and successful businesses today. The Oxford Trunk blog is that something special. The blog offers our customers the opportunity to learn how to style the pieces they can find in our boutique. So many women are excited about taking risks with fashion, but don't feel confidant in the execution. We bring our styling expertise to our customers and take the risk out of fashion. On top of this, we also showcase pieces that we offer, that are similar to pieces worn by well knowns in the fashion and celebrity world. We always want to stick to our mantra... young, broke, fab, and just because we're broke  doesn't mean that our fashion must suffer!

                                         Jennifer lives in California with her husband, two beautiful children, and her yellow lab.

                                                   Jessica also lives in California with her husband, baby girl, and Foxhound.

Jenna is living it up in New York City with her cousin (pictured), boyfriend, and three dogs.

Jenna Gruttadauria
Jenna Gruttadauria


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