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F.A.Q. J.G.

by Jenna Gruttadauria January 31, 2014

When I was a kid, I used to want to be a singer. A pop star to be exact. 
Playing dress up, on stage, with a mic. Nothing sounded better. 
I used to write songs all the time.
I still have journals tucked away with my songs that I never breathed life into. 
I don't regret that though. 
I continued to write and as a went through school, I developed my skill. 
I wrote stories and screenplays, started novels and had characters swirling through my head constantly.
I love writing, because anything can be a reality. 
If you can think it up and write it down, it doesn't matter how crazy it is...
it just is. 
It's such a fun creative release. 
Most of my creative energy goes into creating jewelry these days. 
But, my dream of writing is still at a low boil on the back burner.
::B O O K S :: 
-> Top 3 <-
A t l a s  S h r u g g e d
T h e  S p a r r o w 
F o r e v e r 
::F I L M:: 
-> Just a few 'cuz there are WAY too many <-
F o r g e t t i n g  S a r a h  M a r s h a l l
I n d i a n a  J o n e s (all of them)
W h i t e  C h r i s t m a s 
T r a i n s p o t t i n g 
T h e  S h a w s h a n k  R e d e m p t i o n 
K i l l  B i l l 
F o r e s t  G u m p 
P a n ' s  L a b y r i n t h
I never though I'd say this, but I miss the New York City Subway. 
I would read at least a book a week when I lived in New York because of the Subway. 
Isolated, underground, most of the time fairly quiet. 
Your attention is focused simply on the words on the page and the world that those words creates. 
Goal for 2 0 1 4... READ MORE! 
Ta ta for now!

Jenna Gruttadauria
Jenna Gruttadauria


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