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Jen D.

by Jen Davies January 28, 2014

Hi! I'm Jen, the third part of The Oxford Trunk.
I would define my personal style as Comfort Chic.  I can be found chasing my kids {Barron & Aniston} around or scootering with them at the park most of my days so I have to balance my love for fashion with practicality.  On days I work, I try to style it up a bit and add a boot with a heel and the occasional dress as well. I would also categorize my style as "trendy". I usually like things before they become mainstream, and am onto the next thing fairly quickly.  This is also a big part of the way I buy as a buyer for The Oxford Trunk.  Of course I have an appreciation for classic pieces as well, they just take up a smaller part of my closet!
Some Fun Facts About Me:
... I got engaged to my husband after dating for just 3 decision of my life ...
... I am most inspired by trade shows, fashion bloggers, and interior design ...
... I love Jesus ...
... my husband and I are about to remodel our second house, our first was a flipper ...

Jen Davies
Jen Davies


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